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  My name is Avery Suarez,

   Born February 21, 1994, i'm proud to say that i am a skateboarder, musician and photographer. My older brother Anthony is the one who got me in to skateboarding when i was about 7. I learned how to drop in but didn't do much and started skateboarding seriously when i was about 12 and began competing when i was about 13. I've been continuing to progress and move forward since then and  will never stop skateboarding unless i am physically unable to anymore. My style and discipline of choice is mainly influenced by The Birdman, Danny Way John Cardiel and just about every other Bowl, Park, Vert rider out there. I can't do a kickflip to save my life but im right at home in any bowl or on any vert ramp. I constantly strive to meet the demand for today's level of skateboarders throughout the world. So much amplitude and technical stuff these days. But most important i am competing with myself to see where I can take myself, not where others can take me. All of my supporters, family and my sponsors play a huge role in what i have and will continue to accomplish. In the end only I can make skateboarding what i want it to be for me. All of this is built out of a love i have grown for this amazing sport! I'm also a huge fan of music, whether it be listening or playing it doesn't matter. Just don't ask me what my favorite genre or my favorite song is because i couldn't tell you. as long as it sounds good i like it. Being humble about everything i do is what i do, most important of all i just like to have fun doing what i do best, Skateboarding, Music and photography. for more about the photography side go to - www.facebook.com/asiphoto


" Never get cocky about your professional successes, because the good luck that got you there can turn bad fast." - Tony Hawk 


     Special thanks to Mom, Dad, my family and my sponsors for your continued support.

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